Spend Your Facebook Advertising Dollars Wisely
March 22, 2017

What is Social Advertising?

I am often asked by potential clients, how much would it cost for my firm to do their "social media". I then go into a somewhat brief description of the difference between "social media" and "social media advertising". These two activities are very different with very different goals.

Social media for business is intended to raise brand awareness and increase customer engagement, both important activities. The purpose of social media advertising is to drive leads to your business. The leads could be new customers, patients, and clients for your business. Social media advertising is about increasing revenue for your business!

Some businesses "boost" a post on Facebook and consider that social media advertising. That is like riding an inner tube down a mountain and saying you ski. True social media advertising is accessing and leveraging the demographic data available in the backend of Facebook and Instagram. In the backend of Facebook, an experienced social media advertiser can access location, zip code, age, mobile or desktop, income, gender, ethnicity, political affiliation, and very long list of interests (Beauty, Football, Nascar, Politics and more). This is a marketers dream!

So rather than spending $3000 on a magazine ad, you can spend a fraction of that on social media advertising and reach the exact audience you want to reach. Moreover, if you think your audience is not on Facebook and/or Instagram, you may need to think again. For more information on this see what the latest Pew Research report has to say on the topic.

If your company wants to expand its brand awareness, find a solid social media marketer. If your business wants more leads, patients, clients, customers, it is time to engage an experienced social media advertising agency such as Bradford MKTG.

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