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April 11, 2017
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“We’re Bringing _____ In-House”

"We're Bringing _____ In-House"

Over the last few weeks I've had some very desperate calls from clients that had previously decided to bring some aspect of their digital marketing in-house. Some had corrupted their websites to the point they wouldn't come up, and others had seen a dramatic drop in their revenue and suspected it was because the intern had taken over the "digital marketing". It's interesting that most of us leverage experts to handle our Accounting and Legal affairs, but for some reason we think the intern or the office manager can deliver the same results as a digital marketing professional.

Bradford MKTG doesn't focus on "branding" or "engagement" per se, we focus solely on lead generation...driving more customers to your business. So when our clients bring aspects of their digital marketing in-house they inevitably see a decrease in revenue. Some don't want to see the correlation, but the marketing analytics speak for themselves. Their website visits have gone down, their web form requests have decreased, and their inbound phone calls have dropped significantly (easily measured using marketing phone numbers). These are all red flags that inevitably result in a decrease in revenue.

What is most interesting is that the revenue lost is always multiples of the cost of the service brought in-house. In other words, to save $100 a client may be willing to give up $1000 in revenue. The problem is that most clients either are unwilling or uninterested in looking at the data. Marketing decisions made without data are one of the biggest problems for small to medium sized businesses. Without data it is an easy decision to have your intern update your website or post to Facebook. Remember, posting to Facebook is NOT digital advertising (see earlier post What is Social Advertising).

Before you decide to bring any aspect of your digit marketing in-house, be sure to set a baseline of measurements to compare against to ensure you do not see an associated drop in revenue. As a small or medium sized business owner, you should be focused on strategy, operations, execution, customer satisfaction, and sales, not on trying to understand and keep up with the ever-changing landscape of digital advertising. Leave the digital marketing to the professionals, and together your business will grow.

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