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April 26, 2017

The Best Ignored Leads

Digital marketing is a very vague term. Most digital marketing companies focus on one or more of the following: brand awareness, engagement, or lead generation. Bradford MKTG is a lead generation company, our channels just happen to be digital. Traditionally, the term "lead generation" has been reserved for sales people. Now, more and more companies are leveraging lead generation to find new buyers of their products or new patients for your practice. Yes, healthcare needs to be concerned with lead generation in order for the clinic, hospital or practice, to gain new patients.

So what is the most-often ignored lead? Your website web form may generate your best leads, but it is often ignored. I recently needed to change dentists, I completed and sent in a contact form and never heard from the practice. I have a friend that is interested in information on a software-as-a-service product for her business so she completed a company's web form, only to never be contacted.

If someone takes the time to complete your web form, AND gives you their name, email and phone number, they are pretty interested in your product or service. So why are company's ignoring these forms? Usually, there is not one person in the business or practice charged with monitoring these forms and returning these calls. Yes, you should always return the contact form inquiry with a phone call unless the person specifically asked that you email them. Why a phone call? On the phone you have a higher probability of moving that shopper/potential patient farther down the buying chain to make an appointment.

Lastly, make your staff accountable for showing you their progress on conversions of people that send in a contact form. If the conversion percentage is low, it may be time for a sales class for your receptionist or front office staff. Remember, anyone that answers your phone, or reads the contact forms, is in a sales job and conversions matter.

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