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March 10, 2017
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April 11, 2017

Spend Your Facebook Advertising Dollars Wisely

Social advertising is one of the most effective marketing channels...if done correctly. The biggest mistake I see small to medium sized businesses make is doing it on their own. Many companies think they can bring social advertising in-house because they have someone that uses Facebook, and of course, they can boost posts. Here is the catch, usually those dollars are mostly wasted.

How are they wasted? When I see a boosted post in my news feed from a small to medium sized business I often look to see who they are targeting. For instance, there is a local medical practice that offers products almost exclusively for people 55 and older. When I look at their ads online they are targeting people aged 18 and over. So a significant portion of their budget is being wasted on people that are not interested or in need of their services. This same client announced the opening of a new location approximately an hour from their main office. Instead of targeting the geographic area of the new location (people that would need to know the service is moving to their area), they are running the ad an hour away where their main office is located - more wasted advertising dollars.

It is tempting to go it alone with social media advertising. There is so much more to the art and science of Facebook (and Instagram) advertising. The top considerations are making sure the ad is targeting the right demographic AND that the ad has a compelling message and image. Moreover, if the landing page you are sending your ads to isn't designed correctly, many of your leads will fall on the floor.

One last thing, please do not get your images off Google images. You could fall victim to copyright infringement.

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